Conference, event, social gathering – on a weekend or a Saturday. My head starts to spin. Why? Who would I know there? Who are these speakers to tell me about my non verbal child? Who are these speakers to tell me about my heartache. Better yet, who are these people to take me out of my childs routine, cause a disruption maybe ruin the weekend for the whole family, just so i can “connect”. It better be worth it.

Yep. thats me. The organizer of this event. These are all the questions I ask myself when picking speakers, location, dates, times & activities. I run through the road blocks. I run through the girl coming alone. I run throught the expense and is it worth the experience.

The conference started as a brunch, a simple way to meet, get out of the house and connect with other moms who are feeling the same joys and challenges you are. Have a speaker, maybe someone a little ahead of you, might give you glimpses of hope. After the 3rd brunch, the women relaxed and received inspiration but the connection part would take longer than a two hour lunch.

With the urging of 2 moms in attendence , we started the conference. I knew we had a great concept, speakers and vendors but mostly, I knew with everyone involved, including the speakers it was for the attendees and not selfserving. Not to gain business, add a speaker to a resume it was truly to give back to the community. It is from the heart.

And forward we go, finding the right speakers, vendors, and venues that truly get it.

You will rise up, with the friendships you find, speakers knowledge and relaxing – remember that.

So Yes, it is all of those things. You just have to show up, relax, connect and learn.

Pick a conference, warm at the beach in february or with our Keynote Carrie Cariello in Pittsburgh. Your experience will be worth all the questions swirling around in your head.






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